Jayride (ASX: JAY)
9 May
9 May

Monitoring service for farms and remote environments (IoT solution)

Founded by Craig Hendricks

in 2014

What are they doing?
Farmbot is an Australian AgTech company that provides a turnkey IoT solution for farmers to remotely monitor their most critical asset - water. Their satellite connected monitors measure and analyse water use and consumption in stock tanks, dams, Turkeys Nests and irrigation channels in any location, and then reports back to the farmers’ device in real-time, 24-7 (ensuring visibility of water level issues before they become significant, and helping the farmer better understand the consumption trends).
Understanding the costs and nature of the agriculture industry, Farmbot’s monitors are specifically designed to be self-installed and operational within 10 minutes of opening the box and are known to be the most reliable and cost-competitive remote monitoring solution in Australia.

Location: Australia

Category: IoT. Agritech

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