16 July
Sweaty Chair
9 May

Self Managed Marketing Automation Software

Founded by Sharon Magen, Tsachi Sharfman

in 2018

What are they doing?
We're developing a truly self-driven AI technology that connects between customers and products while improving user journey. Our technology is aimed to change the marketing automation space. Campaigns built on workflows, triggers and global capping rules will be replaced by an AI-driven technology that receives marketing messages and business rules and uses big data and machine learning to automatically produce and execute marketing actions that outperform today’s workflows and triggers created by humans.
Today’s most advanced marketing automation solutions generate micro segments while still leaving the marketer to analyze data and generate workflows and triggers (decide what content to send to which users and when). Using these solutions require skilled workers, training and ongoing effort. Our USP comes from only developing completely self managed applications. This also enables us to measure our success completely on revenue generation as no "good product usage" is required.

Location: Israel

Category: AI, Marketing Automation

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