The RavingFans® SDK

Test Your RavingFans® Ranking

Want to discover if your product hits the RavingFans® Radar?

The RavingFans® is a behavioural psychology model, designed to identify successful habit forming products and services at early stages. It is one of the main tools used by Follow [the] Seed in its investment decisions.

The Underlying Assumption? Once a critical mass of users develops an ‘irrational’ relationship with a product or service, they are moving from the general market to a “no competition zone”. In other words, once users enter a RavingFans® state of mind, it is extremely hard to get them to switch products.

Still have some questions? See our FAQs section below.

    Any Questions?

    Is the RavingFans® SDK for me?

    If your startup:

    1. is a B2C product / service,
    2. has been active for no more than 18 months,
    3. has at least several hundred active users, and
    4. is looking for potential investment from Follow [THE] Seed, then by all means, this SDK is right for you and you can (and should, if you ask us) download it now for free. (link)

    If you’re a B2B startup, then the Reverse Problem Solving (RPS) methodology is the one for you – check it out here.

    Is there a minimum number of users or minimum product lifetime I need in order to be able to use the RavingFans® SDK?

    This model has been designed to identify users’ behaviors in early stages; therefore, it can run with just several hundred users, regardless of the time it’s been active in the market.

    Do I have to download the SDK for Follow [THE] Seed to invest in my startup?

    Well, yes.

    We built this methodology to help us identify early-stage startups that are on the right track, and we’ve yet to find the pitch deck that can do so. ? The RavingFans® model saves time and hassle on both sides of the equation and offers a data-oriented perspective on innovative ideas and their potential success in their target market.

    Besides, this is the best way to get our attention. Once you’ve downloaded the SDK, you’ve literally put your startup at the top of the pitch deck pile, as we will immediately start reviewing it and get back to you with some constructive feedback within 30 days. We really try to help out, even if it’s not the right time to invest yet.

    What sort of data will the SDK collect?

    The SDK will collect the following data:

    1. Name of the app – so we'll know which app this data belongs to
    2. Unique user ID – each user is given a specific identifier so we can analyse behavior patterns. This user ID is unique to us and is not correlated with any other user identification and/or device ID.
      We do not extract or otherwise save personal information. It has no value to the RavingFans® model.
    3. Begin / End of session – that's the info we're interested in. So, for example, we can answer queries like "What percentage of the app's daily active users use the app more than 3 times a day?"

    Will you share my data with me?

    At the moment we can’t share the exact data with you, but we will share the general signal we are getting and will even try to help direct you on how to improve the results.

    Is my data confidential?


    All of your dealing with Follow [the] Seed, including all of the information that you send us either via SDK, mail, or otherwise, will not be published or transferred to a third party without your knowledge or consent.

    We see our investment as a long-term relationship and will therefore expect you to have the same level of confidentiality with respect to our mutual communications in the future.

    I have some other questions, can you help out?

    Sure, just send us an email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help out.