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5 April

Is Australian Early-Stage VC Doing Enough?

Originally published on Anthill Magazine: The department of industry, innovation and science just released its FY18 ESVCLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships) reports. The reports […]
28 June

Security or Utility? This is the question.

*** This article was written by Andrey Shirben and was originally published at the AFR. This is the longer and unedited version of it **** In […]
4 June

In The Pursuit of Traction – 8 Reasons Why Traction is Key for Startups

By Ajoy Mallik and Eliav Alaluf “Why do you put so much focus on traction?” we’re so commonly asked. “First, give us the money, and then […]
29 May

What if Zara Became a Venture Capital Fund?

If Zara were to invest in venture capital, what would it look like? Zara, owned by Intex, is a name that hardly needs an introduction. It […]
19 January

Check Yourself: Does Your Startup Have Traction?

How do you know that your startup is headed in the right direction?