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Is Australian Early-Stage VC Doing Enough?

Originally published on Anthill Magazine: The department of industry, innovation and science just released its FY18 ESVCLP (Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships) reports. The reports […]

Security or Utility? This is the question.

*** This article was written by Andrey Shirben and was originally published at the AFR. This is the longer and unedited version of it **** In […]

In The Pursuit of Traction – 8 Reasons Why Traction is Key for Startups

By Ajoy Mallik and Eliav Alaluf “Why do you put so much focus on traction?” we’re so commonly asked. “First, give us the money, and then […]

What if Zara Became a Venture Capital Fund?

If Zara were to invest in venture capital, what would it look like? Zara, owned by Intex, is a name that hardly needs an introduction. It […]

Alignment: The Underestimated Business Necessity

How important is alignment in the business world? There is no one-size-fits-all formula for business success, but there is a common agreement among influencers that strategic […]

**Video Inside** How Do Israeli Investors Make Their Decisions?

Is there a right formula for investing in tech startups? can we learn anything from serial successful investors? Our very own Eliav Alaluf went on a mission […]

How Much Does a Feeling Cost?

A few weeks ago, I read a great book called “Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior”. One particularly interesting part of the book focused on ‘narcissism […]

Why Did You Guys Meet in Hong Kong?

Running an internationally “distributed” venture capital team obviously isn’t a trivial matter: partnership is based on communication and trust, and it is hard to achieve both […]

How to be a Data-Driven Investor

The tech investing industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Smart private investors, venture capital firms, and leading private equity and hedge funds are beginning to realize […]

RavingFans® – how can it be used in growth and expansion-stage companies?

Beneath the big names, shiny buzzwords, and glowing “statistics”, in a dark corner of any company, there’s an activity in which the real value of the […]

[Video Inside] – How To Design Your Raving Fans Product

Our founding partner and behavioural expert, Eliav Alaluf,  went to Poland and talked at Open Reaktor Warsaw where he shared some interesting insights about how to create […]

When should you reject a $200 Million acquisition offer?

Around the year 2000, a travel company was formed, and after a short bumpy ride, it managed to create a hugely successful, incredible concept. It managed […]

How Does Follow [The] Seed Examine Investments?

So long, outdated algorithms; an internationally stationed VC fund is taking their search for extraordinary ideas to an entirely new place.

Check Yourself: Does Your Startup Have Traction?

How do you know that your startup is headed in the right direction?

The 4 Components of Happy Products

Many entrepreneurs believe that the business world is like a jungle. You’re either the hunter or the prey.

The Forgotten Question

  The Forgotten Question… Many times people, smart people, simply forget about it. It’s not small, and it isn’t big either. It’s elusive. And that’s why […]

What’s the story behind the RavingFans™ Model?

Where it all began?  Believing that successful ventures “leave tracks in the mud” on their road to success, we’ve tried to understand: why do some companies whose […]

Irrationality: is it good or bad?

All of us, to some degree, display irrational behaviour on a daily basis. Dan Arielly wrote books about it and Daniel Kahnmen won the Nobel Prize […]

What Can Entrepreneurs and Strategists Learn from Jaws?

Remember the film Jaws? Just in case you don’t (for some weird reason) It’s a classic American thriller starring a Great (man-eating) White shark that attacks beachgoers. The […]

How Can You Have A Monopoly Within A Competitive Marketplace?

Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, in his 2014 startup digest “zero to one”, argues that creating a game-changing company means going from zero to one – from […]

Becoming a Game Changer

What is your passion? One of mine is (trying) to understand what makes a success. Why do people choose certain things over others, especially in consumer […]