A Global Data-Driven VC
That is Shifting Away From The Old Paradigm

Fueled by PASSION, Led by DATA .

We love seeing innovative ideas, are excited to be introduced to new and disruptive technologies, and are passionate about entrepreneurship, but when it comes to making an investment decision, we use numbers and data to guide us.

Therefore, we have developed our two data-driven methodologies which help us make informed investment decisions:


Reverse Problem Solving (RPS)

Let your target market speak for itself

We work with large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies in search of existing pain points, and we seek to invest in ventures with technologies that solve those.
Learn more about RPS



Let your users tell the tale

An SDK that is backed up by a behavioral psychology model, designed to identify successful habit-forming products and services at early stages.
Learn more about RavingFans®

What are we looking for ?

Our ideal investment candidate would be a post-seed startup, whose innovative idea answers an existing market need and can back it up with numbers / data.

It doesn’t matter where you are on the globe, who you know, or how flashy your pitch is — if your idea is disrupting and innovative, we’d love to hear about it. If it also meets the criteria for one of our analytical frameworks, then we’d love to support it in any way we can.

Think you got what it takes
And have the numbers to prove it?

B2C StartUp?

B2B StartUp?

For Blockchain/Web 3.0 startups please click here to learn more

4 Entrepreneurs, 3 Continents, 2 Methodologies, 1 Clear Vision

This is us !

We’re a diverse team of entrepreneurs, with partners on three continents and a vertical set of expertise, who are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to support.

The Organised One

Chen Gabay


Results driven legal professional, Chen leads the fund’s operations and compliance activity across four international locations.

The Intuitive Investor

Andrey Shirben


An investor in over 70 startups, including 1 unicorn and several IPOs. Andrey supports great teams to build exceptional businesses.

The Deal Maker

Curt Shi


A global investor & entrepreneur. Curt is a TMT, sports, and entertainment expert helping startups launch in China and beyond.

The Concept Maker

Eliav Alaluf

Venture Partner

PR & marketing leader, creator of The RavingFans® model. Eliav helps teams unlock virality and generate market-leading growth.

The Enterprise Expert

Ajoy Mallik

Vanture Partner

A corporate venture professional who built a $1BN innovation fund. Ajoy is an expert deal maker and founded a unicorn startup.

The Strategy Guru

Yifat Shirben


Highly accomplished marketing expert specialising in startups, Yifat helps our portfolio companies with creating and implementing marketing strategies

A monetary investment can only take you so far…

We invest money in your business and our skills and experience in making it successful; therefore, every investment we make is a new long-term relationship we form.

Along with our partners’ special geographic and vertical expertise, we have put together a great team of advisors to help startups grow their business, not just their funds.

Did we mention we like to let the numbers do the talking?

This is where our accumulated experience led us to:


Value Created ($M)


Companies Funded


Capital Raised ($M)


Total value of exits ($M)

Here are some of the startups we believe in

They say you shouldn’t blow your own horn…

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Think you got what it takes? Let the data tell the tale!

Blockchain/Web 3.0 ?

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