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What’s the story behind the RavingFans™ Model?

Where it all began? 

Believing that successful ventures “leave tracks in the mud” on their road to success, we’ve tried to understand: why do some companies whose product and business models are easy to replicate (Instagram, for example), receive remarkable “unicorn” valuations (higher than US$1 billion)?

Irrationality: is it good or bad?

All of us, to some degree, display irrational behaviour on a daily basis. Dan Arielly wrote books about it and Daniel Kahnmen won the Nobel Prize for his work on behavioral economics.

Most of the popular literature on the subject is discussing how you should avoid irrationality.

What Can Entrepreneurs and Strategists Learn from Jaws?

Remember the film Jaws? Just in case you don’t (for some weird reason) It’s a classic American thriller starring a Great (man-eating) White shark that attacks beachgoers. The sheriff, Roy Scheider, sets out on a mission to kill the Shark with the help of a marine biologist and a shark hunter.

How Can You Have A Monopoly Within A Competitive Marketplace?

Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel, in his 2014 startup digest “zero to one”, argues that creating a game-changing company means going from zero to one – from nothing to something (instead of going from something to a slightly better something).

Becoming a Game Changer

What is your passion? One of mine is (trying) to understand what makes a success. Why do people choose certain things over others, especially in consumer context, and why do certain companies become a phenomenal success.

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