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How Much Does a Feeling Cost?

A few weeks ago, I read a great book called “Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior”. One particularly interesting part of the book focused on ‘narcissism projectors’, products that are designed and marketed for showing off your success, amplifying your traits, indicating your fitness, or signaling your health, wealth, or virtue.

The author, Geoffrey Miller, prepared a table, measuring products’ cost per pound net weight.

Why Did You Guys Meet in Hong Kong?

Running an internationally “distributed” venture capital team obviously isn’t a trivial matter: partnership is based on communication and trust, and it is hard to achieve both when on most days, you’re 10,000 kilometers apart from each other.

How to be a Data-Driven Investor

The tech investing industry is undergoing a massive transformation. Smart private investors, venture capital firms, and leading private equity and hedge funds are beginning to realize that the days of relying on the old ways are over.  

Once upon a time, it was enough to have money and a good reputation you would “spread your net”, people who know people would approach you, and deals would flow your way.

RavingFans® – how can it be used in growth and expansion-stage companies?

Beneath the big names, shiny buzzwords, and glowing “statistics”, in a dark corner of any company, there’s an activity in which the real value of the company resides. It is something that cannot be easily copied, faked, or artificially manufactured. You cannot just throw more money at it and make it grow. The company either has it, or it doesn’t.

[Video Inside] – How To Design Your Raving Fans Product

Our founding partner and behavioural expert, Eliav Alaluf,  went to Poland and talked at Open Reaktor Warsaw where he shared some interesting insights about how to create products that people will rave about. Watch the full talk in the video below:

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