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How Does Follow [The] Seed Examine Investments?

So long, outdated algorithms; an internationally stationed VC fund is taking their search for extraordinary ideas to an entirely new place.

The 4 Components of Happy Products

Many entrepreneurs believe that the business world is like a jungle. You’re either the hunter or the prey.

The Forgotten Question


The Forgotten Question…

Many times people, smart people, simply forget about it. It’s not small, and it isn’t big either. It’s elusive. And that’s why oftentimes, it simply goes unnoticed.

What’s the story behind the RavingFans™ Model?

Where it all began? 

Believing that successful ventures “leave tracks in the mud” on their road to success, we’ve tried to understand: why do some companies whose product and business models are easy to replicate (Instagram, for example), receive remarkable “unicorn” valuations (higher than US$1 billion)?

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