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An early stage Algo-Venture Capital Fund focused on Habit Forming Technologies,

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Follow [the] Seed is a post-seed venture capital fund, using a unique predictive analytical model known as Raving Fans® to identify the next $1 Billion+ ventures.
We're based in Sydney, Australia, San-Francisco, USA, Tel Aviv, Israel & Beijing, China. We have over 4 decades of combined experience building startups ourselves and another 35 years of experience investing in over 100 companies.
Oh, and we truly love entrepreneurs and innovation.


We receive many ideas from partners in 20 countries as well as previous and existing portfolio entrepreneurs.
They know that we're looking for excellent teams, ideally with a minimally viable product that has been in the market for a few months.


The RavingFans® model is being used to test the performance of "pilot" or proof of concept products. Scroll down to read more on The RavingFans® model. We'll also consider whether and how can this idea become a $1 Billion+ opportunity.


Typically, we will invest anywhere from $500K to $2M, either together with other investors or alone.
We're team players and don't mind to share the wealth we create, but we don't need to have other investors on board to make a decision.


Once we invest, if the entrepreneur desires so, we can assist with business development and helping raising key talents in China, Australia, Israel and other countries.
As a fund we don’t have any particular vertical focus.
Our partners however, do specialise in several areas. Some of the areas we previously invested in include: Telecom, IT, Adtech, Fintech, Consumer Electronics, IoT, 3D Printing, e-Commerce, Cyber Security, Mobile Gaming, Wearables, Education & Transportation

We don't expect you to be ordinary. Maybe because we're not

The Intuitive Investor

Believes that good ideas can turn bad, but great people will become better
Andrey Shirben
Partner (Australia)

The Enterprise Expert

The live "map" between the problems and the solutions, believing every great company starts with a painful problem.
Ajoy Mallik
Partner (US)

The Deal Maker

You'd want someone with several M&As, IPOs and deep connections to the top Chinese companies on your side
Curt Shi
Partner (China)

The Concept Maker

The mastermind behind the The RavingFans® model
Eliav Alaluf
Partner (Israel)

The RavingFans® Model.

The Algorithm for Discovering Awesome Consumer Internet Ventures

The RavingFans® is a behavioural psychology model, designed to identify successful habit forming products and services at early stages.
It is one of the main tools used by Follow [the] Seed in its investment decisions.
The Underlying Assumption? Once a critical mass of users develops an ‘irrational’ relationship with a product or service, they are moving from the general market to a "no competition zone". In other words, once users enter a RavingFans® state of mind, it is extremely hard to get them to switch products.
To succeed, RavingFans® aims to identify irrational behavior usage patterns - ones that are addictive, obsessive and compulsive.
If you know people who incessantly check their email, scroll their photo sharing app each time they pick up their cellphone and log into their favorite social media platform before they’ve brushed their teeth in the morning; then you understand why ‘irrational’ is the appropriate label
This process requires assessment of several dozens KPI’s of the product or service.
No subjective assessment is required and the model can be run once a product has several hundreds of users.
1. A large enough percentage of users who are showing irrational patterns;
2. Growth in the aforesaid group;
3. High retention rates of this group.
If such factors are identified, then the RavingFans® model is likely to place the venture at the higher end of the spectrum.
The model is not designed to show how to create such products – it simply aims to identify them as early as possible.
This way, investors can invest and capture as much of the value creation as possible and entrepreneurs can know they are on the right track.

The RPS (Reverse Problem Solving) Methodology.
Our Problem First Approach For Enterprise Ventures

For enterprise ventures, Follow[the]Seed deploys the RPS (Reverse Problem Solving) methodology, which was modified to suit the VC landscape by Mr. Ajoy Mallik (one of the founding partners). Simply put, the fund will be working with large enterprises and fortune 500 companies in search for pain points and will seek to invest in ventures with technologies that solve these problems.
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